Potassium chloride:

The result of the chemical composition of "potassium" and "chlorine" is a type of salt called potassium chloride. The most important salt among potassium salts is potassium chloride, which is available as ore. In addition, potassium chloride is the most widely used type of potassium salt and is naturally present in the form of powder or solid crystal white or pink or colorless. It is a metal halide that is essential for the body as an electrolyte source.

The various aid and applications of this salt in human life make it an important substance. The most important of them are the use of this material under the form of electrolytes, PH buffers, the preparation and production of chemical fertilizers, the preparation and production of drilling mud, use in the manufacture of explosives, etc.

Potassium chloride fertilizer is the most common potassium fertilizer (Potassium Chloride), a type of potassium and chlorine chemical salt. Physically, it is a odorless material composed of transparent or white crystals that is easily soluatable in water. It contains 50% potassium and it is common to use vinegar (panick). Chemically, it has a structural formula of KCl and is known as potassium chloride and is one of the best sources of potassium supply for plants. It can also be used as a base fertilizer for the production of potassium sulfate, which has a high economic value.

This product is more suitable for plant nutrition than other potassium fertilizers such as potassium sulfate, because it is found more in nature, is a rich source of plant nutrition and is cheaper than other potassium fertilizers.