Ammonium bicarbonate:

Salt ammonium bicarbonate with the chemical formula NH4HCO3 is a mineral compound that is used in the food industry as a fermenting agent, improving aroma, flavor and also a bulking agent in the production of cakes and sweets, bread, biscuits and cookies. . Ammonium bicarbonate has two grades in industrial (Chemical grade) and food grade (Food grade) and in most cases to increase the quality of the final product as an additive, it is used in various industries and has a wide range of applications.
Ammonium bicarbonate product of Fajr Parsian Company with food grade and having a health exploitation license and health apple mark with very desirable quality and fresh, observing the principles of national and international standards in food industry factories (National Standard of Iran No. 4313, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000) have been produced.

Ammonium bicarbonate is also produced in the production of extinguishing agents, fire, medicine, paints, fertilizers and soil reinforcers, sediment cleaners (in heat exchangers and boilers), plastics and rubber industry (especially sponge rubbers), Ceramics, leather tanning and synthesis of catalysts are used.
It is worth mentioning that ammonium bicarbonate of Fajr Parsian Company (the only producer of ammonium bicarbonate in Iran) has been able to maintain this product as a suitable alternative to foreign samples in order to maintain the quality of food products due to its high advantage due to the short time interval between production and supply and consumption. Be. (Due to the decomposition of this product over time, especially when exposed to heat, the short time interval from production to consumption is very important that foreign samples of this product do not have this advantage due to the time-consuming delivery process to the final consumer.

applications :

– Food industry as a productive factor, especially in the production of baking powder
– Making fire extinguishers
– Making porous plastic
– ceramic
– Degreasing of textiles
– Making paints and pigments