Ammonium sulfate:

Ammonium sulfate (English: ammonium sulfate) Its IOP name is ammonium tetraoxosulfate (VI).

Ammonium sulfate is a mineral salt for industrial use. Its most important use is as agricultural fertilizer, and it contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur.

The primary use of ammonium sulfate is as fertilizer for alkaline soils. Ammonium ions are released into the soil and produce a limited amount of acid. Reducing the pH of the soil provides the nitrogen needed for plant growth. The most important problem of using ammonium sulfate is its lack of nitrogen compared to ammonium nitrate, which increases transportation costs.

This compound is also used in agriculture as an auxiliary spray for water-soluble insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

It is used to produce other ammonium salts, especially ammonium persulfate. Ammonium sulfate is used as a wood preservative.



applications :

– To produce agricultural fertilizer

– Used in the preparation of fire-fighting powders

– Use in water and wastewater treatment

– Used in the food industry as a bread dough improver

– Used in leather and tanning industry in lime extraction operations

– In the dyeing industry, it is used as an auxiliary substance of acidic dyes