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Introduction of Fajr Parsian Company

With deep thinking, the result of effort, knowledge and experience of thirty years of survival in the vast production scene of this region, its seeds by gathering educated and specialized forces for the excellence of national industry, prosperity of national production and job creation, with the powerful hands of the founder It was placed in the heart of the motherland to enjoy the fruit of this service in the name and for the pride of the people and its land. It is a matter of pride that at present the products of this group are competitive with similar foreign samples in terms of quality and price, and the products of this group are exported throughout the Middle East.

History of Fajr Parsian Company

Fajr Parsian Chemical Industries Company started its activities in 1989 with the production of sodium bisulfite (sodium thiosulfate) used in the film and wastewater treatment industries and with the production of ammonium sulfite for the leather industry and sodium sulfite for the water and wastewater industry.


In 1373, using the knowledge and scientific and experimental skills of specialized forces, began to produce industrial alcohol and manufacture machinery related to the production of serum and yeast, build a sodium sulfite plant and transfer technical knowledge to the above factories.

Five years later, in 1378, with the aim of expanding the activities and development of the organization, Kayhan Shimi Company was established to produce raw materials used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and products industries, and products such as sodium chloride, sodium acetate and magnesium sulfate for the cosmetics industry. Appeared.


Furthermore, Fajr Parsian Company entered the field of production in 2016 with products such as ammonium bicarbonate, potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and in recent years, with increasing market demand and with the support of dear customers, has been able to Serve all target markets with maximum power.

Mission of Fajr Parsian Company

Relying on committed and motivated forces and producing various chemical products, this company plays its role in providing food security, community health and improving people’s lives, and this is important in order to create jobs in our beloved homeland and by using development projects. Is.

Values of Fajr Parsian Company

We try to maintain the values and ethical principles of the organization in all circumstances while paying attention to our goals in the horizon of 1420: